At we know that the salon experience means more than just great hair.
It's about how salon professionals make people look and feel.

We understand that changing a look can change a life. Using the latest technology, Matrix supply salon quality products that stylists and their clients can depend on. Clients trust their stylists, and stylists trust Matrix. Our stylists at deliver colour cocktails for you the individual.

‘Colour Sync’ enhance, darken, ensure deepest blending for white hair, they also refresh, tone, fill and colour back. These demi colours are ammonia free, which is great for all hair. Our Matrix permanent colours'socolor’ give all the coverage required on white hair, giving you the most natural colours to the most vibrant and glossy  results. Matrix also offer a gorgeous range of high lift blondes to suit all needs.

Colour Cocktails

Dazzling Red

Sensational Browns
Raspberry Choc.
Very Cherry
Lush Setter
Red Clover
Ginger Snap
Apricot Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Plum Brown
Deep Walnut Brown
Dark Chocolate
Sable Brown
Warm Curry
Almond Cookie
Toning Colours
Double Ash

Red Blonde
Brown Blonde
Natural Cool

At Specialised Services include:
Eyebrow Waxing
Chin Waxing
Back Waxing
Chest Waxing
1/2 Leg waxing
Full Leg Waxing including Bikini
Full Leg Waxing
Bikini Waxing
Full arm Waxing
1/2 Arm Waxing

Traditional Facial
DMK Paramedical
Facial Treatments

Eyelash Tints
Eyebrow Tint


Our certified DANNE Beauty Therapist at delivers scientifically proven results with treatment programs that respond to all major skin problems without side effects.

Some of the treatments include;

DANNE Enzyme Therapy

  • Increases oxygenation for tissue regeneration
  • Encourages formation of new collagen and elastin
  • Removes toxins, debris and gases from skin cells

DANNE Acne Correctives

  • Removes cuticle build up and debris from skin
  • Removal of impaction and infection
  • Acne healing and controlling additives

DANNE Alkaline Wash

  • Removes problem facial hair
  • Reduces hair growth
  • Excellent for ingrown hairs or pigmentation from waxing

Complementary Skin Analysis

Every treatment includes a personalised consultation and professional skin analysis with our qualified therapist.

This allows us to specifically examine any concerns you may have, and guide you towards the right treatments for your skin.

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